About the Program

The conception of the Graduate Program in Applied Ecology of UFLA is to educate professionals with wide ecological knowledge to be applied in an integrated way to the environmental area. It aims to promote and consolidate research to facilitate development on a sustainable basis. Such research must meet different demands of society, covering recent changes in the paradigm of conservation of natural resources. To meet these demands, not only a new philosophical attitude towards the environment is necessary, but also highly qualified professionals who present diagnoses and solutions to environmental problems, based on a theoretical solid base in ecology.

Target audience

The Master’s degree program (first class admission in 2006) and doctorate (first class admission in 2009) is open to professionals graduated in Biological Sciences and related areas, or with a Master’s degree in related areas to apply for the Doctorate, interested in an educational training with an integrative view, which enables them to generate technical and scientific knowledge for the effective conservation and sustainable management of natural resources.